Collection: Gunamuna

We’re a small, mom-founded company driven by the ethos that easy and comfortable matter.

We believe that changing a diaper should be the easiest part of your day - no undressing, no fuss, while keeping baby warm & cozy.

We also believe everyone sleeps better when they’re more comfortable, including your baby.

Everything we make at gunamuna is inspired by our lives as moms - we have changed many diapers in the dark, in tiny airplane bathrooms, in the grocery store, and in the backseat of (non-moving) cars, and we know that easy matters. For parent and for baby.

And sleep matters. Getting a good nights’ sleep shouldn’t be a challenge for us or our babies. Our group of moms here at gunamuna have spent 43,000+ nights putting babies to sleep. We've been there - and we get it. So, we’re passionate about sleepwear that promotes sleep.

Neverland joins Gunamuna in wishing you cozy, restful nights.