Collection: Sammy + Nat

Founder Samantha, and her sister Natalie, lost their mother when they were just little girls. Nancy, their mother, was a mid-wife.  Samantha remembers her mom coming home from work and telling her all about the new babies she delivered each day. Years later, starting a baby and child collection seemed natural to Samantha after she left her job at a major fashion house in New York City. Samantha wanted to create a collection that provided the comfort and quality that every new baby deserves, but also has a sense of style for mom. Their mom had classic style, even in scrubs she would have on beautiful earrings, designer shoes complimenting her wild brown hair. The name Sammy + Nat is a tribute to their mother. After all, these were Nancy’s two favorite babies. The nurses called her the “Midwife off Madison”. She was a woman with style and she was a woman that cared. We at Sammy + Nat will continue to do the same in her honor.  How could Neverland not carry such an amazing line!